Thursday, August 13, 2015

Week 4 assignment

Hi Class,
Sorry for the confusion and rush at the end of last class.  I've run into some complications with compressing our curriculum into 8 weeks!  For week 4, here's what I'm expecting:

Intro to Acting students:
Facial Expression Change exercise, as I described in class.  Polish this to the best of your ability.  Remember to lock the body and just focus on face mechanics.  NO acting, 120 frames max.

Advanced Acting students:
I would like to see some sort of planning or blocking for your next assignment.  There are 4 suggestions for exercises in the syllabus.  I think you all can handle the dialog work, so it's your choice based on what's interesting to you and what you think would be best for your reels.  Let me know if you want my advice.  If you plan on doing a dialog scene you can post your audio clips here for early feedback.  I am out of town this weekend but I will try to respond ASAP.

3a - Pantomime - Endowment - Endowing means giving something power or specific traits.  Example: Bugs Bunny reacting to hot water (sorry for poor quality).  His acting tells us that the water is hot:

Or this scene from Raiders where Indy endows the idol with importance by the way he approaches it.  His acting tells us that the idol valuable and dangerous:

3b - Pantomime - Physical Conditions - Think of the clip we watched in class of the guy trying to light a match while he has to pee.  Tariq's clip would fall into this category, as drunkenness is an internal condition.

3c and 3d - Dialog Shots - Remember to present at least 3 audio clips for feedback.  Look for clips that show emotional changes.  I don't care about jokes; humor should come from the character and acting choices, not from funny writing.  Try to find dialog examples with clear gear changes, and in the case of two characters, different attitudes and points of view.  Do not exceed 6 seconds!  We want to be able to finish these, so edit the sound if you must.

Let me know if you have any questions.  Again, sorry for the confusion!  We'll work on getting Keynote better set up for next week so that we're not having technical delays.


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