Thursday, August 13, 2015

Janel's Audio Options

Hey guys! I'm planning on doing a 2 person dialogue for the next assignment (go big or go home, right? Heh.)

I've got three options (all from Mad Men, which I just finished watching and has some of the most brilliant moments of acting/writing I think I've seen on TV). If you think it's too much Mad Men, I've got some other options but I think these three all have good potential.




I think you'll have to download them to listen (blogger doesn't seem to like audio files). I'm leaning towards 2 or maybe 3 right now, I think they have the strongest contrast between the two characters and I already have ideas about how I'd like to stage them. But 1 could be fun too. Let me know what you think! Thanks guys.


  1. Hi Janel, I'm partial to 1 & 3, but they all have potential. I'd like to know what sort of context and subtext you have in mind for these. Why don't you plan out your favorite two and we can review them in class.

    1. Thanks Victor. After sleeping on it I think I've got a clear vision for all three.

      1 is pretty on the nose, but I think I'd like to stage it in a kitchen (not an office), with the boss not even looking at her, he can't be bothered (I'd like to have him doing some kitchen prep facing camera, she's behind him trying to talk to him, his back is to her, she is head of the wait staff, he is the chef/owner)

      2 I'd like to do in an elevator since I've always liked that staging as a way to keep both characters open to the camera feeling natural. Both are interns, she is senior to him, but he just got promoted past her to a full position, she just gave him the news. She is carrying a large box of food (for the rest of the office), he's carrying something light (drink tray, I'm thinking), so she's pissed at him for that and also for being promoted before her. He is clueless to all of the above.

      3 Housewife and her neighbor. He has come over seemingly just say hello, but has just revealed that he knows she's cheating on her husband (the thing that bears discussion). She is denying it and ordering him out of her house. I'd like to stage it with camera facing the couch, him sitting and her standing behind the couch, both have drinks in their hands.

      I also may add a bit of silence before she starts speaking to get the full 6 seconds, and my instinct is to cut in closer to her when she delivers her line. Victor, are we allowed to split this assignment into two shots?

      No worries if there isn't time to respond to this, I'll go ahead and start running with two of these this weekend and present them in class for further feedback. It was good for me to just write all these out! Cheers.

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    1. Hey Janel! I do like 3rd one. I will just give you a small advice for 4-7 second shot its better to be one character to animate.

  3. Hi Janel, I'd prefer to do it in one camera angle if you can. We can discuss more when you show on Wednesday. Ideas sound good!