Monday, August 3, 2015

Janel - Week 1

Hey guys! I was out of town visiting my parents this weekend so I didn't get to work quite as much as I'd hoped (had to animate on my creaky old laptop from college when I got a free minute) but I did the intro assignment as kind of a warm up and also the head turn, which is still in blocking as you can see.

Feedback is much appreciated! I am definitely feeling rusty after being away from polished work like this for so long but hoo boy I missed it and can't wait to dive back in!

I've included Youtube versions and Dropbox links so you can download and properly scrub/frame through if you so desire.


Head turn (thank you to the man who kept falling asleep on the bus the other morning when I was going to work, you were a great muse)

1 comment:

  1. Hi Janel! I like your blinks, just I think the first one need more ease-in when it's to open pose, i feel its sharp. the fast double blinks you could minimize the darts movement by half.

    I think the nods off looking good, I do like it