Saturday, August 22, 2015

Rough Blocking - Janel

Hey class,

My shot is still pretty rough but I'm ready for some fresh eyes and comments. Let me know what you think!

Syncsketch link:

Dropbox link if you'd like to download:


  1. Looks great, Janel. Keep on going.

    I have one suggestion. When he says: "Fire him", I feel like he could stop or not moving too much to help the audience focus on that word. Then after that he continues cutting the cucumber. At the same time, he can play with just the head (or not), to give an accent as a replacement to "Fire him."

    1. I should not say as a replacement, but as an additional accent if the body not moving so much.

  2. Hi Janel, looking good. I feel like you could use some sort of accent on the chef for "fire him", which I think was Francis' point as well. A couple other things: after she says "me?" there's a long pause. This is a good place to show some more thinking in her face. Also, her last pose, I can't tell if she's looking at him or if she's just looking sideways as an internal beat.