Friday, August 7, 2015

Getting Unstuck

Hey guys, I've been trying to brainstorm for the past day on what I want to do for my next assignment and realized that reaction gif websites are a good place to go to look for ideas, they are a treasure trove of expression changes and head turns. And since they're so popular, there are literally millions of them, tons of variety.

So I figured I'd share if anyone else is having mental blocks like I am. A couple good sites:

There's a lot of silliness to sift through but if you use the search options you can usually find some good stuff. It's nice if you need a jumping off point! Hope it helps.

- Janel

thumbs up animated GIF


  1. Nice idea. Thanks for sharing, Janel!

  2. Agreed. I've been perusing these to fill out my Eye & Brow lecture, as you may notice in the updated notes I've posted.