Friday, September 4, 2015

Video/Reel Review Tools

Came across a couple of neat sites that I thought I'd share with the class

First one is Anilyzer, which lets you input a youtube or vimeo link and frame through it, and you can also watch a slowed down version. Nice for doing a quick anaylsis of video reference. Can't scrub unfortunately.

The other site is Reeview It, which is a reel review service (which seems kinda neat) but they've just released their player for free. It's similar to Anilyzer in that you can just paste a link and go, no uploading needed.

Additionally you can do drawovers! It's similar to SyncSketch in that respect, and it lets you hold drawings for 10, 20, 30 frames, which is something I wish SyncSketch would let you do. Doesn't look like there's an easy way to save/share drawings which is a bit of a bummer. Also sadly no scrubbing, audio or visual.

Looks like SyncSketch is still the best of these sorts of sites for now, but these other sites have a few features that I thought were neat.

Oh and also, I tested it last night and Sync Sketch audio scrub worked for me on Chrome, so if the class computer has Chrome it might be worth trying again next week, Victor?

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