Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Hi Victor,

Thanks for giving us last chance to get your note. It is really helpful.
Base on the notes you gave me last week, I made some changes. Please take a look. I appreciate!!

Here are links:


Thank you.


  1. Hi Al, here are my notes:
    #1 - this is looking much better. I live the attitudes at the beginning and end. The throw down of the cards could be staged better, so that you read the silhouette on the antic and get a good straight arm on the drop. Also, make his "yes" pose more symmetrical. When people express victory (like when your team scores a point) the gestures are usually symmetrical. This will contrast nicely with his other asymmetrical moves. He does not need to look at his cards from 50-64 - he already knows he has the winning hand. Keep his eyes focused on his opponents. Nice work!

    #2 - I like the phrasing of this one, but the end pose is still not clear enough. I think you can push the worry in the eyes and tension in the mouth. More importantly, try to get more fear in his body language. You can probably find something better for his screen right hand to do. I sketched out a few ideas for the final pose, but you should keep exploring.

    Good work!