Thursday, September 10, 2015

2nd Times_Staging & Main Poses_Francis.

 09/12/15 (Updated)

I did not feel the line of actions. So I drew some simple gestures, to see them better while acting it out on the mirror.  I added a brick background, to give it a try. I thought, it's simpler instead of outdoor scene. Which one do you guys think it's better, the second one or the previous video? Thank you.

Password: 4animc

Update with Brick from UtDiscat on Vimeo.

Hello, class. I have been working on sum of five poses today. I am aiming to nail Victor's notes from last night.

On pose one and two, I am planning to put some darts. Should I skip the dart on the first pose?
I am not sure for the number four pose (fr80). I simplified the body at that frame but he must do something tho. Any suggestion?
What do you guys think about the dart position now? I like Janel's idea about hiding the dart at the start. Thank's Janel! :)

What do you guys think if I change  into more casual background setting (on the beach) instead of a bar? That's why I change the pants into short. But here's my problem, there's no way to make the character have  short sleeves.

Thank you

Password: 4animc

Staging2nd from UtDiscat on Vimeo.



  1. Hi Francis, thanks for the post and the updates.
    I wouldn't do the beach background - it doesn't make sense to have a pool table and dart board on the beach. The brick wall is fine.
    I like how you're simplifying the phrasing down to 5 poses. If you're worried about him feeling effeminate, I would change the hand on pose 4, which comes off as dainty. Also, on pose 5 his head should be facing the people he's talking to (as in all your reference video). Otherwise it feels week or indirect.
    I like the reveal of the dart in pose 2, per Janel's idea.
    Looking at all 5 of your poses together, where do you think the emphasis should be? What is the climax or punchline you want to underline? Right now your biggest change appears to be between poses 1 and 2, since that is the biggest change of shape in the body. I'm guessing you want the emphasis to be later in the shot, such as between poses 2 and 3, in which case you may want to make 1 and 2 more similar. Of course timing and breakdowns will help you control the energy of the shot as well, but I want to make sure you're thinking about the shot progression.

    Good work, keep going!

  2. Thank you, Victor. I am going to work on those notes tonight. Awesome reminder for the punchline. Otherwise, I would never think about it.